Not the best rogue, but he's cute and sassy.

ClassRogue [ 6 ]
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
PetsMocha & Aspen

Special Items in his Possession

  • Pendant of the Messenger [ x ]
    Mocha: Just your average pants squirrel. He loves people, especially Lokeah, but is absent 90% of the time and hiding in the safety of Lokeah’s pants. (There’s a hidden pocket for him~) He also comes out at night to curl up into a nest of Lokeah’s hair.

    Aspen: A trained bird that Lokeah picked up in the Dolwara markets. The purpose of him buying it is still unknown, but he seems to be quite attached to it.

To the group, Lokeah is simply a goofy rogue that tends to have an unfortunate amount of bad luck. He’s sassy and has a lack of manners due to his upbringing, but he can get a nice deal at the market out bluff himself out of a sticky situation if needed. Under the surface, and occasionally in the open, Lokeah’s also a jealous boy. He’s always had a need for attention and at times this can get to him and turn the Ouro into a grump.

Lokeah tries to be as open to the party as possible, but he has a great deal of hesitance. He’s extremely careful about the extent of what the party knows, but he does it only because he feels it’ll protect them. He finds it incredibly difficult to get close to others and call them friends, but as far as he’s concerned they are his friends. He’s become closer to some than others but he’ll fight to protect any of them if it came down to it.

He loves his pet squirrel very much and it reminds him of the life he left back home.

4/22 Update:
Lokeah is somehow affiliated with a thieves guild that can be found in Dolwara. It is uncertain what his connection is with them at this time, but it seems to make Lokeah uncomfortable to be around them. Their symbol is a dragon wrapped around a black dagger.


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